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Triple Chocolate Brownie Bites

Gosh ….. a ‘lil bite of anything made with chocolate is sublime.  But triple chocolate?  Oh, my. Each time I offer to bring dessert to a dinner party, picnic or small gathering of friends, my Triple Chocolate Brownie Bites are my go-to option. What makes... read more

Lemon Lavender Shortbread Squares

Ooooooo …..  lemon and lavender?  Let your taste buds imagine this flavor.  Oh, then bake these for yourself (and share, if you can!). Admittedly, I have a tendency to introduce provencal flavorings when I can.  I seek these opportunities within savory and sweet... read more

Citrus and Peppery Poached Salmon

I’ve had a love affair with salmon since ….. ummm, forever.  I’m fortunate to have a fish monger within a few city blocks of my home.  He always ensures each filet is fresh from the sea and free of bones.  Oh, I love my fish monger too! This Citrus... read more

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Welcome to Petites Bites

I’m Gisele – author and founder of

Inspiration ….

I was inspired relatively late in my life to appreciate food which looked, smelled and tasted different than the food I ate as a child.

Passion ….

My passions include baking, cooking, entertaining and reading cookbooks from cover-to-cover.

Provisions ….

Maintaining an ample pantry and essential kitchen tools is a lesson I learned early in my food discovery.

Settle in ….  

‘Petites Bites’ was named after my desire to create small versions of many foods; bite-sized versions of appetizers, entrees and desserts.


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Tips for Growing Chocolate Mint

I recently received a Chocolate Mint plant as a birthday gift. Shortly, it was transplanted in a ceramic planter. It now hangs freely within a macrame hanger in it's new home on the kitchen porch, facing the morning sun. As soon as I can harvest enough leaves to equal...

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Boards ‘n Birthdays

Today represents the official launch of Today is my 55th Birthday. Today, I received an amazing cutting board as a gift.  Truly a work of art.   I love noshing small plates (‘cause I’m a slow eater). I love layered flavours. I love sparkling...

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