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Introduction …. 

Welcome to Petites Bites. I’m Gisele – author and founder of PetitesBites.com

I was born in the beautiful state of Maine from Franco-American (Canadian) parents and I’m the eldest of three children; one sister and one brother.

I married late in life to my most perfect partner – Maurice.  After years of marriage, he continues to encourage me in testing new recipes by saying, “Sweetheart …. take all the time you need to cook, ‘cause I know it’ll be worth the wait.”  Come on, ladies ….  is that incredible?!  Gosh, he’s the bestest.

I generally know when time is of the essence (need food quickly!) when he says, “Can we have breakfast for dinner?”

My response is always, “Sure, darling … we can have breakfast for dinner.”

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Inspiration ….

I was inspired relatively late in my life to appreciate food which looked, smelled and tasted different than the food I ate as a child.  This inspiration came to me during various life journeys …..   I look forward to sharing these journeys throughout the development of this blog via recipe posts, essays, interviews and podcasts.

One of my most inspiring culinary moments took place when I served my husband a special breakfast recipe – ‘Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict’.  While watching me prepare the dish, he grew increasingly interested in the process while I drizzled champagne vinegar in a shallow pan of simmering water for the poached eggs.   He nestled-up to the kitchen stool, leaning forward to view the plated dish, with tears streaming down his cheeks.  During a moment of silence (nobody has ever cried over one of my meals!), he broke silence and said “you’ve made me feel so special”.

Phew …..  I fell in love with him, again.

This was the moment in which I simply knew, with all assurance, my authentic self was meant to create special food with love, joy and attention to detail.  I appreciate approachable recipes, utilizing seasonal ingredients and special cooking techniques.


Passion …. 

My passions include baking, cooking, entertaining and reading cookbooks from cover-to-cover.  And, I shamelessly accept any opportunity to share a good story.  I also love exploring food from various cultures, including French, Greek, Italian and Spanish cuisines.

I love the process of cooking, researching recipes, sourcing local ingredients, creating a menu, documenting ingredient lists, food shopping, food prep (LOVE prepping!), assembly and plating food.  I have a deep appreciation for locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and creating recipes with elegance.

Here’s a confession ….. I’m addicted to cutting boards.  Each cutting board in my collection has a story.  Oh, and I’m addicted to table linens as well. Did I mention my addiction to cookbooks, baking sheets, ceramic bowls, knives and spice jars?

I’m also passionate about a personal commitment in ensuring we purchase food from local sources, particularly growers who are devoted to sustainable growth practices.

Future posts will include interviews with local area farmers, markets, restaurant owners and chefs, food purveyors and local retailers who feature locally sourced food.


Provisions ….

Maintaining an ample pantry and essential kitchen tools is a lesson I learned early in my food discovery.  PetitesBites.com will introduce you to essential pantry ingredients such as oils and vinegars, dried and fresh herbs, whole spices, selection of salts and peppercorns, shallots, garlic, ginger and dried mushrooms, beans and lentils …. Capers, olives, tuna, sardines and anchovies, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts and pesto.

Stay tuned for hints ‘n tips on how to maintain and utilize a perfectly stocked pantry and for recommendations on my favorite kitchen amenities and tools.


Settle in ….  

‘Petites Bites’ was named after my desire to create small versions of many foods; bite-sized versions of appetizers, entrees and desserts.   Antipasto, Canapes, Entrada, or Hors d’oeuvres, Mignardises, Meze, Petits Fours, Tapas and Zakuski …. All bite-sized treats served on a decorative pick, skewer or served small enough for eating with your fingers.  Although, you can also expect to see various recipes beyond small bites.

 So, settle in and be inspired as we get to know each other through sharing recipes and experiencing food journeys together.

Pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy!

Photos taken by Amy Wilton